Professor named new risk group for coronavirus

Risk factors for coronavirus can be attributed to smokers and drinkers, said the Professor of the Moscow state medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, the President of the Russian Association of public health Andrey Dyomin in an interview with parliamentary newspaper.

He commented on the CPS that alcohol with a high alcohol content kills the pathogen COVID-19, but on the contrary, leads to negative consequences for immunity.

The Professor agreed with the statement of the Supervisory authority and added that the evidence about the protective role of alcohol is not exist, it is only "aggravating" role of alcoholic beverages. The same opinion of the who and the tobacco, said the interlocutor of the edition.

"Nature has so provided that we have all the organs and functions have a certain margin of safety, functional reserve. Many smokers these reserves are exhausted before meeting with the infection. Therefore, smokers and drinkers along with the chronic patients and elderly people can be attributed to the risk group of coronavirus," — said Demin.

He also criticized the representatives of business who in the beginning of the epidemic COVID-19 allegedly began advertising cigarettes and alcohol as "a kind of salvation" and protection from infection.

In Russia during the pandemic, has registered more than 400 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus, of 4700 patients died, about 170 thousand had been cured.

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