The dog was named the best dog breeds for children

Russian kennel Federation specifically to the Day of protection of children have prepared a list of dog breeds that are best suited as a friend and companion for a child.

"Before you take the dog, explain to your child that the animal is not a toy, it demands attention, respect and care. Try to go to visit friends with the dog, read and watch training materials with your child so you can prepare for the arrival of the puppy home", he added.

As explained by RIA Novosti in the Russian Federation Cynologique, when choosing a dog you need to consider many factors: temperament, activity level, social skills, ability to train and care needs.

"You should really evaluate your opportunities: are you ready to allocate a few hours a day on walks with huskies or Basenji, do you have enough experience to find a common language with Akita or a Malamute, is there the financial and time resources on the Mastiff or a Chihuahua?" say the handlers.

As the first dog, choose the breed, very friendly, easy coming into the game, moderately active and does not require special care. It should suit the child's temperament.

The breed has a balanced and kind character. They are agile and love to walk.

"If we stopped at this breed, be prepared for the fact that the dog is bored and you get bored, if it is a long time to leave the house", - told in the Russian cynological Federation.

The Cavaliers easily adapt to different living conditions. The dog breed with the same love and devotion will treat all family members and become a close friend for a child. These dogs patiently take leprosy children and will happily connect to any game.

They are distinguished by vitality and spontaneity, ready to make friends with all and selfless love for his family. The cavalier king Charles Spaniel show excellent results in training, because he loves the attention and the praise, told the handlers.

Her handlers called good-natured and active breed. "She always needs close contact with the owner, he likes active games. Dogs of this breed will get along with children", - told in the Russian cynological Federation.

The griffons are not aggressive, have a strong mentality and rarely raise my voice for no reason. Perfectly suitable for home maintenance, obedient and polite. For the child, this dog will be a faithful friend and companion, said the handlers.

"Sometimes, however, the Griffon is bold and brazen nature, so it, like any pet, you need a proper way to socialize", - experts say.

Cheerful, athletic, friendly and contact dogs. They love active walks in the fresh air, full of energy and need regular walking and good exercise.

"Dogs of this breed have a high intelligence. The poodle is very intelligent and will unquestioningly obey his master," say the handlers.

Representatives of this breed contact, get along well with all family members. Poodle always in need of approval, attention and love from the owner.

He is not inclined to aggression and loves children. Dogs of this breed is very trainable, team is characterized by fast and forever, told in the Russian cynological Federation.

Inquisitive and cheerful dog. Very devoted to his master and showing love and friendliness to all the family members. She can't go for long without attention on the part of man and must always be in the loop.

In Russian kennel Federation stressed that older children will suit perfectly such breeds as the French bulldog, Labrador, Golden Retriever, Australian shepherd.

The most important criterion (and breed here departs on the second plan) - this is the mentality of the animal, say the handlers. If the animal is healthy and socialized, it will be able to communicate with children, and adults.

Those who choose a dog for your child, not for themselves, experts of the Russian kennel Federation is recommended to wait until the child reaches 7-8 years. At this age, he can partially take care of the pet, more conscious to the issues of education and ultimately to extract more value for himself, for his own development.

Firmly remembering a few simple rules, the child will not only avoid mistakes in relation to your own pet, but also to protect themselves from aggression by an unfamiliar dog. For example, you cannot disturb the dog while eating or sleeping, no need to force it to execute commands, it is forbidden to pull the tail and ears, it is not necessary to insist on the foreplay, when the animal refuses them, explained in the Russian cynological Federation.

They noted that younger children often perceive Pets as an inanimate object with which a good play. Such children must be gradually taught the rules of respectful communication with the animal, to attract the joint care of him, to introduce simple daily duties. For example, said the handlers, the child can help you scoop food into a bowl or put on the collar before a walk.

To walk the dog alone the law allows only 14 years of age, so completely to shift this care to the child until this age your parents will fail.

"The puppy in the house is a serious step in the life of each owner, but first and foremost it is a responsibility which needs to be realized fully. Selecting a breed, please note the character and temperament, particularly the content and training, carefully consider your financial capabilities, level of employment and living conditions. And be prepared for the fact that the dog can completely change the lifestyle of your entire family! It is not excluded that forever," - noted in the Russian cynological Federation.