Bailiffs will no longer cancel the debts of social benefits for the Russians

The law eliminating the forced withdrawal of the Russians of the debt from social payments, in force in Russia.

Earlier, the Russians repeatedly faced with a forced write-off of debt funds, which by law, the foreclosure is not allowed. This happened due to the fact that the officers may not be aware of the intended use of the funds in the accounts of debtors.

Federal law N12 increases the number of income which cannot be recovered. So, the innovation will allow to exclude a situation when due to ignorance the nature of the income of bailiffs for debt repayment could block the accounts pensions survivor benefits, benefits to victims of emergencies or, for example, benefits due to injury.

Amendments to the legislation prescribes the mechanism whereby each receipt of a social nature will be identified in the banking system, to protect such payments against penalties. Social benefits will be accordingly marked in the design documents will specify the appropriate code for the type of income (the order of this code will establish Bank of Russia).