Valery clarified the confusion with the "appeal for help" in the form of a minimum wage

Valeria said that she and her husband Joseph Prigozhin not sought help in the form of a minimum wage, calling the reports false.

Recently, because of the words of Prigogine that popular artists troubled in connection with the cancellation of performances, the conflict broke out with musician Sergei Shnurov. Also about the plight and told the showman Sergey Glushko, known under the name of Tarzan. He said that artists do not get a penny, unlike the "grandparents".

Prigogine published in instagram photo of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill with the caption "Lying time to travel halfway around the world while truth is putting its pants on." One of podeschi producer outlined his vision of the truth, which meant Prigogine.

"And your truth is that you wanted the scope of his artistic to promote the industry and over the past year tax return, your income is probably 30 million," wrote in the comment @menukhovanatasha.

To joined the lady @shitova.olga2112 that with reference to media said that Prigogine allegedly asked the Federal tax service for the minimum wage. This statement attracted the attention of the wife of the producer, who has denied this information.

"Lies. Our family is not addressed," stated Valeria.

Earlier, the website "the Source", citing data from the FNS reported that the number of Russian celebrities have applied to receive payments from the state in the amount of one minimum wage per employee. The publication emphasized that Prigogine as an individual entrepreneur, the main activity of which is performing arts has the right to apply for a grant, however, he did not do that. It is noted that the same opportunity is available and Valeria.

Later in the interview to "Evening Moscow" the husband of the singer commented on this publication and expressed the opinion that seeking help from the state actors did the right thing. Prigogine reminded that personally pays taxes as SP, and "that he had in order to was a financial pillow".