The Northern fleet will hold in 2020 Arctic expedition in conjunction with the PRO

The Northern fleet and the Russian geographical society will hold the third joint expedition of the Arctic in 2020, said the commander of the Federation Council Alexander Moiseev.

He added that a joint expedition will be dedicated to several memorable dates - 75 th anniversary of the great Victory, the 110th anniversary of the Hydrographic expedition of the Arctic ocean, the 120th anniversary of the Russian polar expedition and the 145th anniversary since the birth of the famous Arctic Explorer Vladimir Rusanov.

The commander recalled that the Northern fleet and PRO has already held two joint expeditions - on the New earth in 2018 and Franz Joseph in 2019. This year the geography of the units must "cover almost the entire Arctic."

"Servicemen of the Navy, acting shoulder to shoulder with the research groups of the RGS in the Arctic Islands, rekonstruiruet routes of the pioneers, and restore the monuments of history and culture, perform environmental, biological and other research. All activities of the sailors of the Northern fleet performed without additional tools, combining them with the planned activities of combat training," - said Moiseev.