Azerbaijan is ahead of Russia on gas supplies to Turkey

Azerbaijan is ahead of Russia in terms of gas supplies to Turkey in March of this year, the report suggests energy regulator EPDK Turkey.

The document compares the volume of Turkish gas imports from different countries in March 2019 and this year.

In March last year, the share of Russia in gas export to Turkey amounted to 32.55 percent (1,398 billion cubic meters), however in the same period this year the figure fell to 9.89 percent 389,7 million cubic meters.

In March 2020 in the leading position in the export of blue fuel in the Republic of Azerbaijan came out with a share of 23.45 percent, Qatar (19.95 percent), Iran (14,15 per cent) and Algeria (13.69 percent). Thus, Russia took the fifth place among the largest exporters of gas to Turkey in March of this year.

Meanwhile, in the previous report of the Governor of Russia continued to take first place for the sale of natural gas to Turkey. So, at the end of February 2020 the share of Russian gas amounted to 21.14 percent (1,112 billion cubic meters) and Azerbaijan was in third place (16.34 percent), behind the United States (17.71 percent)