In the Pushkin Museum named after Pushkin opened the festival "Chereshnevy Les"

The twentieth jubilee festival of arts "cherry forest" opened Sunday with a concert of "Optimistic speech. The live stream" in the halls of the Pushkin Museum Pushkin, the broadcast of the concert takes place on the First channel.

In the tradition of "Chereshnevy Les" is held in partnership with the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin. This year the opening of the festival coincided with the celebration of the birth of the Museum, which on Sunday celebrated its 108 years.

Shvydkoi said that now the Pushkin Museum Director Marina Loshak and ideologist of the festival, the head of Bosco Mikhail Kusnirovich plant cherry trees in the courtyard of the Museum.

"It's awfully nice that we were able to plant two cherry trees. We have a lovely garden, and how much we still have space for new cherry trees", - said in a broadcast Sunday.

Kusnirovich said that realized their dreams to replenish the cherry orchard with new trees, despite all the difficulties associated with isolation.

"We are with the First channel planned is difficult, but the bright thing: to give our loyal fans anniversary concert," said Kusnirovich.

The concert, which takes place in the halls of the Museum, attended the Opera singer Ildar Abdrazakov, conductor Yuri Bashmet, prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre Catherine Shipulina, actor Vladimir Koshevoy, pianist Polina Osetinskaya, actor Yevgeny Mironov, musician Valery Syutkin, saxophonist Igor Butman.

Traditional annual award of a name of Oleg Yankovsky, established in the framework of the festival "Chereshnevy Les", awarded to the actress Marina Neyolova, Marina Loshak and Ildar Abdrazakov.

Open arts festival "Chereshnevy Les" was founded in 2001 by Bosco di Ciliegi company. The festival brings together different types of art. The festival opens new names, and brings stars of the world stage, is pilot projects and new interpretations of classical works.