In Moscow starts the second phase of easing restrictions on coronavirus

The second phase of easing restrictions on the coronavirus was launched in Moscow. Monday resume some companies for trade and services, Muscovites can now go for walks, but with a number of restrictions, the wearing of masks became mandatory everywhere except home.

Earlier the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin announced that from June 1 mask and glove mode will be strengthened. Now to wear a mask or other means of respiratory protection the need for any exit from the house, including during walks and sports. While at work, in shops, pharmacies, malls "My documents", any other institutions and in public transport must also use gloves.

"On the street wearing gloves is optional, but masks are required to wear. In the room, in the office, if you work alone, it is optional, but if you are working in a team, come to the store or in transport, then you need to wear both. If you are from the subway to the office go, the mask, Yes, you can do without gloves," said RIA Novosti the head of the Moscow Department of trade and services Alexey ameryk.

Monday open car dealers and food stores, including hypermarkets, in terms of compliance with social distancing and strict regime of disinfection. Customers and staff should use masks and gloves.

As reported Ameryk, only Monday will be more than 56 thousand enterprises, which employ about 300 thousand employees. Also June 5 and will resume 82 fairs of the day off. According to him, it is assumed that depending on the number of visitors to the security staff in shopping malls to restrict the entry of customers and to ask to wait your turn outside the enterprise.

Nemeryuk said the organization, which will work in shopping centres, grocery stores, shops, household services, for example, metal repair, tailoring, Shoe repair, car wash, tire service, Laundry, dry cleaning, watch repair and jewelry cleaning services.

In addition, resume multiservice, collection stations dry cleaners, laundries, repair shops of clothes and shoes. It also became possible to provide other household services that do not require prolonged contact between employees and customers with the same security requirements as in stores.

In addition, the offices of the returning workers architectural and design offices. But to get back to the office is allowed only to those who can't do their work "on distance".

Also Monday, in the capital in full resumes, the city bike rentals. Now you can take a Bicycle hire can all attend, but you must use gloves or after the end of the rental to be disinfected, steering, handles, brakes and other parts of the bike, which was touched by hands. In addition, regular disinfection of the bikes will ensure the operator of city bike rental.

As reported RIA Novosti, Deputy Moscow mayor for transport Maxim Liksutov, while for couriers and volunteers, the bike will still be free, but for other users, the rates will remain the same as last year.

He added that this season Muscovites will be able to use about 6 thousand bikes on 629 stations. A Muscovites will be more than 2.6 thousand electric scooters and during the season they will become more. This season it is planned to launch two more operators to hire, then the total number of scooters will grow to 6 thousand, and the total number of trips reaching 1 million.

At the same time for bike rides and electric scooter, as well as on any other vehicle, you need to have a digital pass.

Monday also open stadiums and other sports facilities for the training of members of national teams of Moscow and Russia, as well as players of professional sports clubs.

While in training may only be attended by athletes, their trainers, doctors and other necessary staff.

As told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Department of information technology capital, athletes for admission to the training objects need to issue a work permit, specifying the sports organization.

From Monday until June 14, the start of the experiment to permit walking. Get out of the house will be able to all residents, including people over 65 and people with chronic diseases. With the exception of "the Charge" for free visits will be reopened the city's parks and green spaces. Attractions, children's playgrounds in parks will also remain closed.

While still forbidden to leave the house: coronavirus patients or people suspected him, as well as people with signs of SARS, living together with them, the entities and individuals obligated to follow a policy of self-isolation by order of the health officer, for example, after returning from abroad.

Muscovites are advised to limit the radius of walking up to two kilometers from the place of residence. In this connection Muscovites dogs can walk for a long distance from home - up to two kilometers, told RIA Novosti Ameryk. Earlier, the lovers were able to walk not more than a hundred meters from the house.

To visit the Park, which you cannot walk and need to go on the transport, you will need to make a one-time pass, told RIA Novosti press-service of the Moscow Department of information technology.

In the case where a large number of people access the urban areas may be limited.

As reported by the mayor, going for a walk, everyone will be able to get information about the workload of a specific area and decide whether to go there or choose another route, information will publish "Yandex".

For walking will act a certain schedule. So, exercise in the fresh air without restrictions every day – but only till 9.00 am. On a casual walk you can go from 9.00 to 21.00, but no more than three times per week – twice on weekdays and once on weekends. Schedule "walking days" for the residents of each house can be viewed at mos.ru, "Yandex", and in mobile applications.

Depends on schedule of walks, need to focus not on the actual place of residence and address of residence. In this family, members of which have different addresses of residence, can easily take walks together, said Nemeryuk.

Maintains a ban on the use of elements of urban infrastructure – benches, gazebos, playgrounds and sports grounds, in short, of all objects, the touch of which can cause transmission of infection to others.

Also during walks and sports is forbidden to use public transport and all types of vehicles equipped with an engine. You can bring bikes, scooters (including electric), roller skates, skateboards, Nordic walking and any other personal sports equipment.

According to the mayor, the observance of the rules of the walk will be selectively enforced by the police and staff of administrative and technical inspection.