The commander of Crew Dragon hit his head during the transition to ISS

NASA has confirmed that the crew commander Crew Dragon Doug Hurley struck his forehead during the transition from the ship to the International space station.

"Yes, he hit his head, it happens in orbit, but he's fine, he looked great at the press conference," - said at a briefing after docking the Deputy head of the manned program of NASA's Steve Stich.

He explained that astronauts are "in a relatively small ship" for a long period, it takes time to adapt to the conditions of the ISS.

During a video linkup with the ISS after the crew on the station Hurley held onto the forehead, after which he was handed a cloth and periodically wiping the right side of the forehead, the blood was not visible.

Crew Dragon started to test a manned flight on Saturday and 19 hours performed an automatic docking with the ISS. In a test flight on Crew Dragon went NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken. The first manned flight was created by a private company SpaceX spacecraft marked the resumption of U.S. manned independent flight discontinued in 2011 with the completion of the Space Shuttle program.