Astronaut Behnken told about the feelings of the flight Crew Dragon

NASA astronaut Bob Behnken on arrival at the International space station (ISS) talked about their feelings during the first manned flight Crew Dragon.

"Flight in the space Shuttle into orbit is quite hard, because it flies solid-propellant boosters, and we expect that as the transition (flight Crew Dragon) to the second stage all will be much smoother than a Shuttle, but the Dragon snorted and puffed all the way to orbit, and we certainly carried it on orbit," Behnken said. According to him, this feeling was surprising both crew members.

According to Behnken, the flight Crew Dragon to the separation of the device from its carrier rocket "was not as smooth as the space Shuttle". "A little less overload, but a little more lively, so I would probably describe it," - said the astronaut.

Meanwhile, according to him, after reaching orbit flight is the newest ship went smoothly and the crew was able to relax and sleep in orbit. As stated by the commander of the Crew Dragon Doug Hurley, astronauts consider themselves "lucky" for a chance to fly on the new ship.

The Crew Dragon launch was the first manned launch of the US since 2011 when he completed the program "space Shuttle". The last nine years, American astronauts flying to the ISS on Russian Soyuz. SpaceX Crew Dragon developed on the basis of reusable cargo spacecraft Dragon, under contract with NASA, according to reports, it cost more than $ 3.4 billion.