Human rights activists called the detainee in Grodno blogger political prisoners

Several human rights organizations called the detainee in Belarus blogger Sergei Tikhanovski, who wanted to be nominated as a presidential candidate, political prisoner and demanded his release, the statements on the website not registered with the authorities of the Republic of the human rights center "Spring".

Tikhanovski, and, according to some information, at least 15 of his supporters were detained Friday night in Grodno, where there was a picket for collection of signatures in the electoral campaign. On Saturday, the interior Ministry reported that the picketers were arrested for violence against police officers. Earlier, blogger was not able to register the initiative group to collect signatures in support of his nomination as a presidential candidate, however, the group registered spouse Tikhanovski – Svetlana, and now she's running for President.

"The analysis of video recordings of events and eyewitness accounts allow us to draw conclusions about the absence of grounds for detention Tikhanovski, listed in the criminal procedure code of the Republic of Belarus, which testifies to the arbitrary and illegal detention... This is not the first case of persecution Tikhanovski for peacefully exercising freedom of peaceful Assembly, of expression and of dissemination and collection of information", - said in a statement.

According to human rights, these and other facts listed in it, allow to make conclusions "about the existence of a political motive" on the part of the authorities in the prosecution Tikhanovski.

"According to paragraph 3.1 of the Guide to the definition of "political prisoner", approved by the Belarusian human rights community ..., deprivation of liberty in connection with non-violent exercise of the freedoms guaranteed by the international law of human rights is the basis for recognition of such person as a political prisoner, demanding immediate release. This allows us to state that the prosecution is politically motivated Tikhanovski, and he tikhanovski political prisoners," - said in a statement.

In this regard, human rights activists demanded "immediate release Tikhanovski and the termination of the criminal proceedings against him." The statement in addition to the center "Spring" was joined by the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Legal initiative and several other human rights organizations.

Presidential elections will be held in Belarus on 9 August.