Russia protested the US because of the incident with the journalist of RIA Novosti

The Russian Embassy in Washington sent the state Department a note of protest because of the incident with the correspondent of RIA Novosti, the Agency said the head of the Embassy Anatoly Antonov.

The diplomat noted that the Russian journalist who was with him, other employees of American media was subjected to unacceptable treatment by the local police.

"Employees of the press, as can be seen from the video footage taken at the scene, loud and clear identified himself, had the necessary markings on clothing, has produced documents and offered no resistance" — are the words of the Ambassador the mission on the page in Facebook.

Antonov said diplomats have demanded a thorough investigation and to inform about the results of the Russian side. He stressed that the Embassy intends to ensure that the American human rights organization has taken account of this incident.

The Ambassador also pointed out "the complete absence of any signs of public sympathy from the American press."

"What objectivity can say when double standards are applied even to working in the United States to Russian journalists?" concluded Antonov.

Earlier it was reported that the Minneapolis police deliberately fired tear spray against journalists — members of the crew of the TV channel VICE and RIA Novosti, Mikhail Turgiev covering the unrest after the dispersal of the protest action.

The foreign Ministry condemned the incident and called the deliberate spraying of the local police tear spray in the face of the Agency a manifestation of unwarranted cruelty.

The Ministry reminded about the inadmissibility of the fact that journalists were attacked by law enforcement while performing their professional duty.

The diplomats called for American authorities to conduct a thorough investigation, and the relevant international institutions to draw attention to the incident.

MIA "Russia today" also demanded to investigate the actions of the police and punish the perpetrators of the current situation.

After the incident, the Governor of Minnesota Tim now apologized to the assaulted media personnel.

As he told Michael Turgiev, now it feels good.

"All right, burning is gone, the vision is not affected," — said the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

This week in Minneapolis and many other cities in the United States, riots broke out. Force is used as protesters and police.

The reason was the death of the African-American George Floyd fault of the police. In the Internet appeared the video, which shows how law enforcement officers put the handcuffs Floyd, the three knocked him to the ground, while one of them pushed him with his knee on the neck. Floyd said several times that he could not breathe, and then fell silent. He died in intensive care.

One of the police officers accused of involuntary manslaughter, four others were fired. In Minneapolis and neighbouring St. Paul at the weekend imposed a curfew.