Medvedev praised the experience of "United Russia" on electronic voting

Electronic voting has strengthened the leadership of "United Russia", but such technologies only run-in, said on Sunday the leader of United Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

"Electronic voting... in my opinion, strengthened the leadership position of the party "United Russia". The technology of remote voting in elections in most countries of the world, including in Russia, are only "run" he said during an online-meeting with the regional offices of the EP on the occasion of the completion of an electronic provisional ballot.

At the same time Medvedev pointed out that a year before electronic voting was first used in the elections to the Moscow city Duma, the party "conducted the first electronic provisional ballot". "The experience was a success and we were able to develop to the present scale," he said.

Medvedev noted that a lot was said about the fact that electronic voting will be interesting only to residents of large cities. "But the numbers say that a large number of voters – residents of the village," he said.