The Governor of the Sverdlovsk region said the woman threatened him with the court

A resident of the Sverdlovsk region has threatened the head of the region Evgeny Kuyvashev to file a lawsuit in court due to the fact that private hospitals can't take her sick child in connection with the introduction of coronavirus restrictions.

"If next week will not open IRTC (Intersectoral scientific and technical complex) eyes in Yekaterinburg, I will go to court, and then blame themselves for themselves. Your actions led to the fact that my child is 12 years of age with progressive cataract a month goes like a blind kitten, and if in the near future the operation will not take place, it may for life stay like this, and then you as the Governor will be even more problems, because then the claim will be criminal on the deliberate harm of a child, resulting in the effects of blindness", - reads the statement of sverdlovchane published at Kuyvasheva in Instagram.

The head of the region said that the requirements of the special regime, including restrictions on planned care, associated with the desire to protect all residents of the region from COVID-19, including children. He noted that "eye microsurgery", though a private clinic, but strictly observe sanitary-epidemiological requirements during a pandemic. However, said the Governor, if the patient requires urgent or emergency care, the hospital called a special team, therefore Kuyvashev advised the woman to contact the clinic where the doctors, in case of a threat to the health of the child, will assist.

"I hope that in the near future planned techniques resumes everywhere," he said.

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