The crew Crew Dragon have difficulties with the communication system with Earth

The crew of the ship Crew Dragon has difficulty with communication with the Ground wire line of the ISS, communication is maintained by radio, NASA will broadcast live.

After arriving at the space station and the completion of the automatic docking, the ISS commander Christopher Cassidy started system connection of power supply and wired connection between the arriving device and the station. Crew Dragon is now integrated into the system of the ISS, and receives power from the station, but there was a failure in the communication system.

Crew Crew Dragon continues to communicate with Earth and the ISS crew via the ship's communication system, but attempts to communicate over a wired system station not yet possible. MCC in Houston and California hear Crew Dragon is fine, but the crew reported that the incoming message sound "indistinct". "It defies understanding, we may be able to hear and understand one word, but all this" - said the commander of the Crew Dragon Doug Hurley after the final unsuccessful ping. The mission control center in Houston maintains communication with the ship by radio.

As reported by the company SpaceX, the crew will be allowed to enter the station in about an hour. Now Hurley and Bob Behnken prepared to transition to the station, part of the preparation is the cleaning of the spacecraft. The transition of astronauts to the station will be possible after the equalization of pressure in the airlock and check the tightness.

Crew Dragon manned flight test began on Saturday. NASA astronauts Hurley and Behnken will remain on the ISS for three months, after which will return to Earth to complete flight test of the Crew Dragon.

The first private unit, delivering people into orbit, the Crew became the fifth Dragon spacecraft docked to the ISS at present. At the station are already two Russian cargo "Progress" and manned "Soyuz", and a Japanese cargo ship.