In the Moscow region was allowed to visit the Russian Orthodox Church

The sanitary authorities of the Moscow region allowed the believers to participate in worship services and visit churches of the Russian Orthodox Church during the Liturgy of time, said Sunday the Patriarchal vicar of the Moscow diocese, Metropolitan Krutitsky and Kolomensky Yuvenaly in preaching in the capital Novodevichy convent.

"According to our request, the chief state sanitary doctor of Moscow region Olga Mikailova told me about the first stage of lifting the restrictive measures in connection with epidemic of the coronavirus. According to this decision, our faithful are allowed to visit the temples on the territory of Moscow region in nepogashennoi time, and worship we can perform on the air, around our temples, in compliance with all sanitary regulations," he said during a sermon, the text of which is posted on the website of the Moscow diocese.

According to him, the feast of the Holy Trinity (7 June – ed.) the Metropolitan will celebrate at the Cathedral square of Kolomna in the presence of parishioners who are "weary in prayer together".

"I am very glad that the Lord heard our prayers, our patience and humility, and now in the temples and monasteries of the Moscow diocese, we once again pray together with our members," concluded the Metropolitan.

The Moscow Patriarchate at the request of the chief sanitary doctor of the capital ordered the clergy of Moscow and Moscow region on April 13 to hold services without the participation of the congregation. Later, these restrictions were extended until further order of the hierarchy. Similar measures were introduced in many dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church.