Beijing will apply in Hong Kong, the laws of his opponent

Last week, Washington promised sanctions against Beijing over what China enacted the law on the protection of national security with relevance to Hong Kong. This event or not? Yes, because it is seen as evolving has, in fact, a massive cold war between the two first powers of the world. And the reason for the exacerbation is secondary.

In fact, and in General may in fact not be. So, at the end in the Beijing session of the Chinese Parliament had just adopted a resolution stating that this law needs to develop. This will take the current year-round Permanent Committee (of the Chinese parliamentary system is a two-story, much like our former Congress of people's deputies and Supreme Soviet). It is expected that "the Hong Kong bill" will be accepted until August, although it is not a fact. However, this innovation is discussed almost worldwide and has become the reason for the angry reaction from Washington. As well as the occasion to showcase Hong Kong's radicals (long gone).

It's not even the fact that each country decides and will decide the internal Affairs itself (this in the United States and such States do not want to know). Still more fun. Chinese media on this situation have responded with a legal element of sadism: we actually copied your law. Hong Kong — autonomy with its basic law, a sort of local Constitution? So in the US, each state is Autonomous and has its own set of laws.

But there is common to all the Federal homeland security Act (2002) and the patriot act (now the act on the freedom). According to him, resemble the Chinese, any who commit acts of terrorism undermine the state, treason and so on is punishable by up to death penalty. And the same laws have the British, Australians and the list goes on, but we learned from the best of the best from you.

There is no doubt that Hong Kong's radicals, if they did their art in the US, would get there in full. There is terrorism (with a strange love of arson), and deliberate destruction of systems of power and the urban economy, and calls for separatism, and much more. The fact that the current protest — a pale shadow of what happened last year, it's the little things, and Hong Kong authorities deal with it without new laws. In fact, it was more about the fact that an Autonomous Hong Kong to some imaginary critical situation should not shelter people is more serious than the students walking on the street with cocktails named after comrade Molotov.

Hong Kong experts, allegedly saw the drafts of the new law, saying that to judge the terrorists will have all the same local courts. Including hired judges are foreigners who are in this former British colony have? It is not clear. It is also unclear whether — and in what cases the Federal courts to correct local lawyers. According to the basic law — no. It is expected that Hong Kong's autonomy must itself create any new legal mechanisms that address these issues.

But this is the future. And the present is the way in Beijing react to the upcoming next round of sanctions and bans from the US. Here you can learn a lot from the press conference Prime Minister Li Keqiang under curtain a parliamentary session and from an editorial in "export" the English edition of Global Times. As well as from the General economic situation in the country given the military budget.

The overall picture is this: Beijing has ceased to pay attention to next action of the United States, realizing that not he, so the reason for them there. Therefore, we must assume the worst — especially the armed forces and military industry (the defense budget increased by 6.6%, although many other costs are cut). But large-scale (nuclear) war with the United States of course nobody expects.

That is, the Chinese now feel free to do what is absolutely necessary, especially inside the country: thanks to the "smart" American politics. And this situation now for a long time.

Here, commentators say Beijing, it is necessary to take into account the advantages of the United States in the long war between the two economies, and high technology. China will have to make the leap to full technological autonomy, not only internal: it is necessary to learn how to win these American products in third markets, as in some areas China is already doing.

But if the fight goes to the site of the financial markets, then there will suffer, the US, with catastrophic consequences during a pandemic. In Beijing do not expect American achievements in the economy in the coming years, but especially do not believe in the stability of the dollar sphere.

It is worth mentioning that, although the Chinese government officially refuses to think about the growth of its economy for the year, evaluation of the financiers are between 1.5 and 2.5 per cent growth, note. America one no growth predicted. And then there's the grim reality of the division of American society — especially before the November presidential election — not just into two discordant parts, as before. Today it's about the fact that the pandemic has brought this split to the new values, until the "mask of war" — when this method of protection from the virus for some, has become an object of hatred, and for others Vice versa. This is not two parties — the two are incompatible at the household, street level lifestyle. A weak society, a weak state.

In General, China is not happy with the prospect of confrontation with the United States, but fear itself there's no hurry. And that's who this whole story is very unpleasant, so it is the business of Hong Kong (and on this site all the business, because production there a little).

Early mood there were these street radicals ruining the economy and life, but that our children will understand themselves, reassure them and continue to play the role of mediators between China and the outside world, including the United States. And now these people hear from trump: the United States "will begin to consider a waiver of certain privileges" of Hong Kong, that is, fully or partially depriving him of the current trading status from China as a whole.

This means that the US has not only betrayed its entrepreneurs based in Hong Kong, but the local business community. The Americans hoped to attract local business to their side, but it turns out the opposite: they are endangering the entire local business. He has to draw conclusions, and not the ones that wanted US. In General, the Crimean kind of situation happens. Wanted — in the name of the people of Crimea, to punish Moscow, and as a result he punished the people of Crimea, not that they are really for this reason upset.