SK will check after withdrawal of children from families in the Orenburg region

The investigating authorities of the Orenburg region will give a legal assessment to actions of militiamen and representatives of the guardianship, which forcibly seized four children from a large family due to the fact that their house may collapse, according to SU IC in the region.

Previously, the online resource Orenburg.media published a video of forcible seizure of three small children the woman of the house in the village of Tulip Orenburg region. The footage, first the police persuade woman give children, but when she started to drive law enforcement, the babies were taken by force, and the mother was handcuffed. The Prosecutor's office and the children's Ombudsman organized a check. The police RIA Novosti reported that the children were removed to be taken to hospital for medical care. Law enforcement officers also reported that the woman was brought to administrative responsibility for default of duties on education of children.

The report notes that "the application of physical force at the time of removal of children, as well as the proper application of the parent of minors, the investigators have to give procedural assessment of the actions of every official".

"Currently the children are in a medical facility under the supervision of medical staff and social workers, signs of injury to young health workers have not been identified. Inspection shall be conducted on Yasnenskaya the investigative Department of the SU IC of Russia in the Orenburg region", - stated in the message.