Repair the washed-away railway bridge in the Murmansk region will take up to five days

Repair work near the railway bridge on the stretch of stations stake-Off outside Murmansk, according to experts DWS, can take four to five days, according to the website of the administration of the Kola district Murmansk region.

On Saturday at 18.40 in the EDDS of the Kola district reported that due to heavy snowmelt and large water content Kola river washed away a railway bridge support on the stretch station Kola – station Output in the area of 1436 km of the Murmansk branch of the October railway. Due to the emergency condition of the bridge, to ensure the security of freight and passenger services were suspended. All the trains to Murmansk, stayed in front of the bridge.

According to DWS, the delivery of the arrived passengers to the destination was arranged by the buses. In the same way were delivered to staff and passengers who had to travel from Murmansk.

"At the scene continue to work with the surveyors, preparations are being made to renovations. The emergency area has already sent two recovery trains from Murmansk and Kandalaksha. According to DWS, the restoration work will take approximately 4-5 days", - said in the administration of the Kola district.