In Britain allowed the citizens, since March, observing self-isolation

The British government allowed walk more than two million citizens, forced to follow a strict self-isolation because of the increased risk of Contracting coronavirus, said the Minister of construction and local government, Robert Jenrick.

Immediately after the introduction of the country's quarantine 23 March, the government ordered the most vulnerable category of citizens to move to isolation - no contact with people not to go outside, to move into a separate room of the house not shared with family members kitchen and bathroom. Such people in Britain, more than 2.2 million, all of them were sent official notification. Among the vulnerable are, in particular, those who have or had certain cancers who have undergone organ transplant, people with diabetes, autoimmune disorders, those undergoing treatment with immunosuppressive drugs. For these people, infection with coronavirus will result in extremely severe or lethal consequences.

"Monday 2.2 million of those were in isolation, can the first time to go outside. This can be done with family members who live together, or alone. It will be possible to meet with one person," wrote the Minister on Twitter.

He promised that the full manual for these people, the government will release on Monday. Currently it is only known that in England to meet up with friends and family can be once a day in the open air and observing the social distance of two meters. In Wales vulnerable to the virus people will be allowed without restrictions of sport in open spaces and social distance. However, still this category of residents, not allowed to go to the shops, ride to work and to visit friends in their homes. As expected, on Sunday evening, Minister at the daily briefing on coronavirus talk about walking groups vulnerable residents.

"We're trying to find the right balance between continuing to protect those for whom great clinical risk, and a weakening of the regime in order to ease their daily life, in particular, to afford to see loved ones. We will publish regular updates for the most vulnerable. And we will continue to provide them with all necessary assistance and support", - said the Minister.

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