In the Federation Council commented on trump's plans to invite Russia to the G7

The head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev commented on the intention of U.S. President Donald trump to move the G7 summit and to invite Russia.

Kosachev said that the rating Ladder of the current G7 format as obsolete is fair and timely.

According to Kosachev, Russia and other countries said that the organization for the last time was not a mechanism to create new solutions, how they were intended, but "only a ritual demonstration of the unity of the countries of the "sevens" in relation to the rest of the world".

Kosachev noted that this format is not interesting, except its participants. According to him, it all depends on what is the Russian invitation to the organization. She could be an interesting format, if the organization will expand to a certain number of participants with the same powers, rights and possibilities to Express their position and to influence the final decision.

If Russia is invited as a spectator, not a full participant, then, according to the Senator, it will be a dubious undertaking, and the country is unlikely to be interested. In addition, as explained Kosachev, in recent years "gained momentum" the G20 format. He stressed the importance that other formats do not compete with him.

The US President Donald trump said that it was postponing a summit of the G7 in September. In addition, he said that he intends to invite to the summit, Russia, South Korea, Australia and India. Before trump announced on Twitter that he wants to hold a summit in the internal format, despite the pandemic coronavirus.

A summit was planned for 10-12 June, the White house admitted his conduct before the end of the month.