The rating of Prime Minister of Japan fell to the lowest level in two years

The level of support for the government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for the first time since may 2018 fell below 40%, according to the research conducted by the Agency Kyodo.

So, only 39.4% of respondents expressed support for the current government, which is 2.3 percentage points lower compared with the beginning of the month. Disapproval was expressed by 45.5% of respondents.

In addition, more than 81% of respondents believe that measures of economic support of the population in the epidemic of the coronavirus are too slow.

Another significant reason for dissatisfaction was the scandal surrounding the former chief Prosecutor of the Tokyo hiromu Kurokawa. He was also the second person in the national office and was the main contender for the post of the chief Prosecutor of the country. Despite operating in the country state of emergency and appeals to the Central government for the residents to stay at home, Kurokawa violated the regime of self-isolation in may in order to play Mahjong for money to journalists. Gambling in Japan is banned.

The Kyodo survey was conducted by telephone from Friday to Sunday throughout the country. Data on the number of respondents. The last time the rating of the Prime Minister of Japan, according to polls Agency Kyodo, falling below 40% in may 2018 on the background of scandals around the possible involvement of Abe to the machinations around the two educational institutions - the "Moritomo Gakuen" and "Kake Gakuen", and the insufficient explanations which the Prime Minister and his administration is on this issue.

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