In RSM called for the creation for University graduates temporary jobs

For graduates of Russian universities need to arrange temporary jobs in their professional areas, it will be for them to help in a pandemic, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Russian Union of youth (RUY) Pavel krasnorutskiy.

RSM Sunday marks 30 years since its formation. The anniversary of the youth Union of the Russian Federation will celebrate the online ceremony taking new members into their ranks.

"We have a proposal at the national level to implement the successful experience of the Russian youth Union, the organization of internships and employment of graduates. In 2009, in the midst of economic crisis, in some regions of RSM implemented a program "graduate". In this programme, RSM has entered into agreements with organizations, enterprises and institutions having the status of legal persons who have organised temporary jobs for 3 months", - told about the experience of RSM krasnorutskiy.

Graduates have to opportunity to train is not arbitrary, and its specialties specified in the diploma. Those young people who demonstrated their best qualities, at the end of the internship may be taken for a permanent job, said krasnorutskiy.

According to him, graduates will not only give you invaluable experience necessary for employment, but wages not below the minimum wage, as well as the first record in the workbook.

"We hope that the RSM initiative on mainstreaming these positive experiences will support the Executive authorities, and we not only successfully overcome the crisis period, but also widely spread the effect of such programs on the whole territory of Russia", - concluded the Chairman of the Russian Union of youth.

The first youth public organization Russian Union of youth was founded in 1990. RSM implements programs and projects for youth in the sphere of Patriotic education, promoting employment, supporting youth creativity, the development of international youth cooperation.

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