Trump announced the emergence of the US "greatest weapon" in history

Soon the United States will be the "greatest weapons" in history. This was stated by President Donald trump, speaking in Florida after launching to the International space station spacecraft Crew Dragon. The broadcast was carried out on the page of the White house on Twitter.

On Saturday the Falcon 9 rocket successfully delivered into orbit the spacecraft Crew Dragon with NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley. On Sunday the scheduled docking of the vessel with the ISS.

According to the American leader, he is already familiar with the developments, and "even could not believe it." However, he did not give details.

Earlier, trump congratulated Elon musk with SpaceX's successful launch and called it "a triumphant return to the stars."

In mid-may, the President of the United States announced the beginning of the creation of a super-duper missiles, at 17 times the speed of sound.