MP stated the need to return to Ukraine Russian market

Ukrainian industry will not be able to recover to previous levels without the markets of Russia and CIS countries, said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the faction "the Opposition platform For life," Natalia Korolevska. The statements of the MP is published on the website of the party.

The MP criticized the Ukrainian government agreed a plan to stimulate the economy to overcome the effects of the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to the politician, this program is not able to restore the industry.

"This so-called strategy is not exactly going to save the industry, because without the return of lost markets in Russia and the former CIS countries, which have always guided our large enterprises, the industry will not return to previous levels. And mentioned in the program government's intent to fight for the expansion of the quota of Ukraine in the EU also will not save the situation", — said Royal.

She stressed that enterprises in her country never focused on the European Union, to which Ukraine is only a "raw material appendage".

"We need to look truth in the eye industry, we can recover, only returning to the old markets and lifting the economic blockade of Donbass uncontrolled, which always was the main "producer" of raw materials for domestic industry," concluded King.

The MP criticized the Kiev authorities for the lack, in her view, "strategic and pragmatic approach" and inability to work towards building "is very selfish and pragmatic," state protectionism is required to protect the interests of domestic producers and domestic investors.

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