The expert said, when you need to start the financial education of the child

Parenting is not easy, and in the management of personal and family finances - even more so. How to explain to children what a buy for the future, and why to answer questions about bitcoin, told RIA Novosti adviser to the project Director of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on increase of level of financial literacy Ekaterina Lavrenova.

"For example, asks the child to buy a second or third running shoes, a toy, or a new phone with a good work of old and you buy him a winter jacket in July on sale. And you say all the jacket I bought and more money on what is not. Obviously you received financial literacy in advance with great discount and bought the necessary thing, but the child understands it differently" - gives the example Lavrenova.

In her opinion, in this situation, you need to try to explain the reasons. "Sit down and calculate how much your decision to buy a down jacket now the family could spare, to discuss the necessity of a purchase, to talk about what you need to learn to prioritize spending in the future can contribute to that purchase that he really wants," - said the expert.

Different situation, said Lavrenov, "when children are just asking, but what is this and how it works". "For example, a child hears about loans, mortgages, bitcoins, taxes, insurance, etc., and asks the question. Often in response he hears that still small and still do not understand. In this case, cognitive interest will be ruined in the Bud. At an early age, through the example of your family to answer these questions", - the expert believes.

The expert notes that in such examples it is possible to explain important features of the loan, its payment and repayment, and in the case of the mortgage — security. "If you don't know and can't explain, the best way is to understand the issue together. Today, a lot of sources, finding information is not difficult", - concluded the expert.