Musk has promised to do everything for the successful completion of the flight Crew Dragon

Head of SpaceX Elon Musk has promised to do everything to astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken safely returned home after flying on a Crew Dragon to ISS.

Latest manned spacecraft Crew Dragon was launched from Cape Canaveral in a test of a manned flight on Saturday at 22.22 GMT. Its docking with the ISS is scheduled at 17.29 GMT on Sunday. The Crew Dragon launch was the first manned flight of the USA in 2011, the code was completed on the space Shuttle.

He admitted that after the successful launch of his "great emotion, and frankly, it's hard to say."

"We worked on that goal for 18 years, and much remains to be done," said Musk.

NASA representatives stressed that the safety of the crew is a priority for the Department and company. "Names Doug and Bob engraved on the seats and parts of the ship," - said the head of piloted programs of NASA Kate Leugers. According to her, NASA crew Crew Dragon called "daddy" because both astronauts on the ground waiting for the young sons.