The ex-soloist of "dirty rotten scoundrels" became a taxi driver because of lack of money

The former soloist of group "Otpetye Moshenniki" Igor Bogomazov forced to work as a taxi driver due to the effects of the pandemic coronavirus. Portal about this "StarHit" said his friend Yuri.

"Not every celebrity would you swallow himself and went taksovat" he said.

The interviewee also commented that, the singer's sister allegedly secretly privatized apartments parents in St. Petersburg and plans through the court to strike from the list of tenants brother and nephew. He called this information "nonsense."

Recently, producer Joseph Prigogine said that the artists, especially the young, were in a "terrible situation" due to the cancellation of performances. Then between him and the musician Sergey Shnurov conflict broke out. Before about the plight of artists said the showman Sergey Glushko, known under the name of Tarzan. He noted that artists, unlike the "grandparents" not get a penny.