"Threatening" the Crimean bridge Ukrainian missile destroyed two goals

During tests on the ground of AliBey in the Odessa region of the Ukrainian cruise missiles, the R-complex 360 RC-360МЦ "Neptune" almost simultaneously destroyed two targets. This was stated by the head of the design Bureau "Luch" in the composition of the concern "Ukroboronprom" Oleg Korostelev, writes "АрміяInform".

According to him, military rockets were carried out for two purposes in the Black sea at intervals of two seconds. Korostelev said that the first sea target was at a distance of 85 kilometers from the launch site, and the second is 110 kilometers. The distance between them was more than 20 kilometers.

The expert said that for about 10-15 miles to hit a target missile fell five meters above sea level and calculated the optimum point of defeat.

In July last year, the former Secretary of the national security and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov said that these missiles allegedly capable of a few minutes to destroy the Crimean bridge. In response, the Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky said that in such a scenario Ukraine will cease to exist as a state.