The police will not allow protesters closer than one block from the White house

The police will not allow protesters closer than one block from the White house, told the journalists of the presidential pool, working in the residence of the President of the United States.

About 1 thousand people on Friday protested because of the death of an African-American George Floyd in the Park just near the fence of the White house in Lafayette Park. Six people were detained, some officers of the Secret service has suffered.

On Saturday, the temporary fences installed in such a way that a small crowd of protesters was on the corner of 17th street and Pennsylvania Avenue from the White house, they are separated by a quarter of government buildings.

The trump in the White house is not — he is in Florida, where he watched the launch of spacecraft Crew Dragon company SpaceX.

The death of the African-American George Floyd caused the riots in Minneapolis and other cities after the appearance of "viral" video of the arrest of Floyd. The video shows that the police tackled Floyd and handcuffed him, and one of the officers leaned a knee on the neck of the Floyd. The detainee first few times he says he can't breathe and then losing consciousness. Floyd was admitted to hospital and died in intensive care.

When this information became widespread, the leadership of the city police announced the dismissal of four officers who participated in the arrest. The city held a protest, accompanied by vandalism and fires. The investigation into the death of Floyd has joined the FBI, which declared the case a priority.