Astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon took off the suits

Astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken took off the suits and will soon conduct the first test of manual control of Crew Dragon, SpaceX will broadcast live.

Crew Dragon started at 22:22 Moscow time from the cosmodrome on Cape Canaveral for the launch vehicle Falcon 9. The spacecraft separated from its carrier rocket has passed in a regular mode, now it makes solo flight to the ISS. For US it is the first independent manned launch since 2011.

The vehicle docking with the ISS is scheduled for 17:29 GMT on Sunday. It should go automatically, but during the flight, the crew will conduct a series of tests according to manual control of the ship.

Soon after the separation of Crew Dragon, the astronauts removed designed for launch and landing spacesuits. Made specially for Hurley and Behnken spacesuits SpaceX is equipped with air supply system, maintain the temperature and pressure in case of depressurization of the ship, as well as gloves to use the touchscreen of the ship. The crew was dressed in the suits several hours before launch and will wear them again before docking. Now the suits dried in the free seats of the vehicle next to Hurley and Behnken.