The foreign Ministry denied the statement of the USA about a fake batch of Libyan currency

Claims regarding the manufacture in Russia of counterfeit currency for Libya does not correspond to reality, said the Minister.

Earlier, the state Department praised Malta for interception of the party Libyan dinars, the cost of which was over a billion dollars. The U.S. side said that the currency is supposedly fake and was published in the Russian "Goznak".

The foreign Minister noted that the contract for the manufacture of this party was signed in 2015 between the Russian printing house and the head of the Libyan Central Bank, which was approved by the chamber of deputies. The customer paid the prepayment. Shipment of banknotes sent to the address of the Central Bank in Tobruk to complete the transaction.

The Department stressed that these funds were needed to stabilize the Libyan economy.

In the Russian Ministry recalled that in the Libya situation, the actual dual power, so there are two of the Central Bank. One is in Tripoli and controlled by a recognized international Government of national consensus (NTC), which is headed by Fayez Sarraj. Second, the Central Bank, the head of which is appointed by the elected Libyan Parliament, and therefore has the necessary international legitimacy, is in Benghazi.

"Thus, the false are not Libyan dinars, and the American statements," said the diplomats.

The foreign Ministry recalled that Russia stands for a political settlement of the situation in the country through a wide mezhliviysky dialogue.

In "Goznak" called the arrest last year of the party with the Libyan Bank notes violation of international law.

While in the printing recalled that the right of the Central Bank in Tobruk to conclude such kind of contracts is fixed by the decision of the NTC in Tripoli.

"Despite all differences between the parties, this decision is not cancelled and is currently in effect. The contract with our company was signed by a person vested with all necessary powers", — noted in "Goznak".

For several months, and the Libyan side, and the printing press were trying to get from Malta explanation of the detention of the party, but Valletta responded only this year. The content of the statement "significantly distorts the actual circumstances of the relationship of the JSC Goznak and the Central Bank of Libya," the company said.

In "Goznak" added that banknotes, crossed into Libya, represent a modification of previous and visually different from them.

In typography, a stressed that the samples have been approved by the Central Bank, so the use of the term "fake" in this situation is unlawful. Also, the company reminded the Commission of the UN Security Council has not found any violations in the supply.

After the revolution in Libya, which toppled and murdered Muammar Gaddafi, the country ceased to be a single state.

At the moment in Libya of dual power. In the East sits a Parliament elected by people. The Western part of the country, including Tripoli, supervises formed with the support of the UN and the EU, the Government of national consent headed by Fayez Sarraj.

The Parliament acts independently of the NTC and has partnered with the Libyan national army under the leadership of Marshal Khalifa Haftorah, which is from April of last year trying to capture Tripoli.

Russia has repeatedly denied accusations of involvement in the Libyan conflict. Moscow also called allegations that the country allegedly are Russian mercenaries. While Moscow is in favour of a diplomatic solution to the conflict and maintains contact with both parties.