Crew Crew Dragon took place in the cockpit before the test start

NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken took place in the cabin Crew Dragon before the first test flight, NASA will broadcast live.

The first manned flight developed by SpaceX Dragon Crew vehicle is scheduled for 22:22 GMT on Saturday. The launch was scheduled on may 27, but was cancelled due to weather conditions 20 minutes before the start.

To prepare for the flight on Saturday is ahead of schedule, Hurley and Behnken took their places in their seats 10 minutes before the estimated time. After experts SpaceX has secured the astronauts in their seats and ended test of the communication system of the crew with mission control center was battened down the hatch of the spacecraft.

In the case of a successful start on Saturday, the astronauts arrive at International space station on Sunday and will remain in orbit for about 3-4 months, the end date of the test flight Crew Dragon is not yet defined.

USA ended the independent manned missions in 2011, finishing the program "space Shuttle". Construction of new manned spacecraft under contract to NASA has engaged SpaceX and Boeing, creating the Crew Dragon spacecraft and Cockpit, respectively. Crew Dragon made a successful unmanned test flight to the ISS in March last year. The first unmanned test of the Cockpit has been unsuccessful, the ship returned to Earth without docking with the ISS.