In the state of Kentucky requested the assistance of the national guard because of the riots

The Governor of Kentucky Andy Bichard requested assistance National guard to maintain order in the largest city in the state Louisville, where several days in a row on the background of the situation in Minneapolis are continuing protests over deaths at the hands of police in March, African-American women Brianna Taylor, and riots broke out due to the death of another African American, George Floyd.

"We can't let the memory of the Brionnais were marred by violence to our streets violence. So today I am taking measures to ensure the safety of people and calling out the National guard to help keep the peace in Louisville," said the Governor in a statement posted in his Twitter account.

The participants of protests in Louisville, taking place in the city for several days, demanding a fair investigation of the death of 26-year-old employee of emergency medical care of Brianna Taylor, who died after police during the execution of a search warrant and shot her eight times. Police opened fire after one of them shot the boyfriend of the girl, believing that there was a break.

The unrest began in Louisville and other cities after the death in Minneapolis of the African-American George Floyd, who died after harsh treatment by the police. In the Internet appeared the video, which show that the police put the handcuffs Floyd, knocked to the ground and piled on top of him, the three of us, and one of them came the man with his knee on the neck. Floyd on video several times says that he can not breathe, then fades. He died in intensive care. After the riots, fired four police officers and one of them was accused of murder by negligence. Minneapolis and neighboring St. Paul for a weekend curfew.