Leps gave advice to "poor" artists

Musician John legend in an interview with the Fifth channel urged artists not to complain about their "difficult situation", and to work.

On the day the producer Iosif Prigozhin has declared, that even the most popular stars now, almost a disaster, as it lost the opportunity to earn during the pandemic coronavirus. In the same spirit expressed by the singer Valeria and bodybuilder Tarzan.

After that, the musician Sergei Shnurov ridiculed the complaints of artists and promised to send Prigogine sausages and Leps reminded that people experienced a "war, hunger, and cold." In response, the producer said that he is ashamed for his colleagues who "think only about themselves", and noted that artists work not only stars of show-business.

Again joining in the discussion, Leps advised artists to do their work.

"But "plight" is the wrong policy. And who it is not disastrous? And where to put the situation of the miners, farmers, pensioners, simple people? They have even harder," he said.

The singer said that neither he nor Cord does not complain about his situation.

According to the world health organization in the world, the coronavirus has infected about 5.8 million people, more than 360 thousand died. In Russia have revealed 397 thousand cases COVID-19, about four and a half thousand people died, almost 170 thousand recovered.

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