NASA estimated the probability of a SpaceX launch on Saturday

The launch of the spacecraft CrewDragon SpaceX astronauts on Board to be held on Saturday, although the odds are still 50: 50, said the head of the American space Agency NASA Jim Breidenstein.

"We are implementing a plan to launch today. Difficulties with the weather continues, the chances of a cancellation charge of 50%," wrote Breidenstein on Twitter.

His words confirmed the company SpaceX in his Twitter. "All systems ready for a test flight CrewDragon astronauts of NASA," the company said, adding that teams continue to monitor the weather.

Original launch was scheduled for may 27, but was postponed on Saturday due to unstable weather at Cape Canaveral in Florida, where you can start. If you cannot run the ship on Saturday, the reserve day — Sunday, the next potential backup days 2 and 3 June.