"Communists of Russia" supported Prigogine pack of Ramen noodles

The party "Communists of Russia" sent to the producer Joseph Prigogine and singer Valeria "humanitarian aid" in the form of several bundles of vermicelli in connection with the complaints of artists on the difficult financial situation of the coronavirus, the press service of the party.

Earlier media Prigozhin told that the artists, especially the young, were in a "terrible situation" because of the pandemic coronavirus, as now they are deprived of the opportunity to earn.

According to the party, she, like millions of people, up to this point had absolute confidence that artists are more than wealthy people.

"It is well known that artists of your level for one party get as much as a factory worker or office employee will receive a year of hard work, and for several years", - reported in circulation.

The press service noted that the "Communists of Russia" sent a few packs of vermicelli and singer Valeria.