Prigogine explained why the star sought help from the state

Producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Evening Moscow" told me that appealing to the state performers have done the right thing. He recalled that he personally pays taxes as a sole proprietorship.

He noted that paying taxes allows artists to seek help from the state

"And I have a moral right to do so. But the state we are not caressing, it takes individual preferences, and television lives by its own laws," — said Prigogine. He also proposed to create a Fund that would help artists in crisis situations.

In addition, Prigogine was indignant trend to discuss the income of someone else, calling it a "circus tent".

Earlier the newspaper "Sobesednik", citing data from the FTS said that a number of Russian celebrities have applied to receive payments from the state in the amount of one minimum wage per employee. So, approval for payments received Dima Bilan, Nikolay Baskov, as well as Regina Todorenko.

Recently, because of the words of Joseph Prigogine that popular artists live in poverty due to the cancellation of performances, the conflict broke out with musician Sergei Shnurov. Also about the plight and told the showman Sergey Glushko, known under the name of Tarzan. He said that artists do not get a penny, unlike the "grandparents".