In the Kirov region died two of the patient with COVID-19

Two women aged 35 and 89 years died from the coronavirus in the Kirov region, they both had severe pathology, according to oberstab region.

As of morning on may 30 in the Kirov region revealed 49 new cases COVID-19, and 13 cases of asymptomatic carriage of infection.

It is noted that for all sick patients, including asymptomatic, established medical surveillance. "Hospitalized receive treatment in a specialized infectious hospitals. As of 20 persons is estimated as heavy, 12 of them are in offices of reanimation and intensive therapy, 5 connected to devices of artificial ventilation of lungs", - stated in the message oberstab.

Under house surveillance are more than 7,000 people at risk for developing COVID-19, including 1318 children. The sick among them. Removed from the observations by more than 17,000 people, including 2 of 109 children.

On the eve of infectious hospitals issued 28. The total number recovered to date is 978 people.

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