On the Yamal Peninsula for the first time in five weeks no new cases COVID among shift workers

For the first time in five weeks in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district for the day not recorded any new cases COVID-19 among shift workers of energy companies and production facilities, from the data of the regional operational headquarters.

Shift workers were given the main increase of cases in the region since April 23, when the region was identified 90 people with the infection, of which 88 workers. Since then, about a month almost every day the number of infected employees of energy companies and working with production facilities exceeded the number of those infected in the settlements of the YANAO. This trend, according to oberstab, broke after 18 may, and new cases among shift workers since there were fewer than infected inhabitants in the settlements.

"In General, may 30 at the fields and the production facilities of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district is not confirmed new cases of clinical forms of the disease COVID-19", - stated in the message.

According to the Deputy head of the region Tatyana Buckaway, the situation with the spread of the coronavirus tense in Novy Urengoy, where during the day the infection was confirmed in 27 patients, and in total caught almost 380 residents.

"The situation in the city difficult. The virus circulates actively among the population. Increasing is exactly clinical forms of the disease - SARS and community acquired pneumonia... the Doctors, nurses and hospital staff, ambulance station, hospitals are working in a very busy schedule. We ask residents and guests of the city with all responsibility approach to compliance with the main safety measures", - quotes Buckova oberstab.

According to the County, the infection on the Yamal Peninsula have been confirmed with 2311 people, one in three had recovered, and nine died. The number of executed tests COVID-19 in the Autonomous region, close to 120 thousand. The compulsory isolation in the region is valid until the end of may, the decision of the district authorities on the extension of restrictive measures has not yet announced.

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