Predicted the victory trump Professor predicted his re-election

Professor of political science at stony brook University in new York, Helmut Norpoth, predicted the victory of the current President of the United States Donald trump on the election in 2016, believes that with high probability will be re-elected to his post.

Norpoth developed a model for predicting elections, which since 1992 has failed only once – in 2000, calculating that the Democrats win. Then the US President was Republican George Bush who took the vote in swing state of Florida. According to this model, the candidate wins, the most successful speaker in the primary. In 2016 Norpoth said that according to his model of predicting election results, the Republican candidate Donald trump will win the race.

According to the model of the scientist, the probability of winning the current U.S. President in the upcoming elections is 91%, it is expected that he will receive 362 electoral votes. But the likely presidential candidate of the Democrats, Joe Biden, as predicted by this model, will receive a total of 176 votes.

The US presidential election and in both houses of Congress scheduled for November 3. Republicans need to nominate trump for a second term, the Democrats in the primaries defeated Joe Biden. Party congresses, which will be put forward by candidates is scheduled for August.