In Yakutia have extended the high alert

High alert in Yakutia due to coronavirus extended to June 14, reports the operational headquarters of the government of the Republic.

It is noted that in the Republic an updated list of localities where the mode of complete isolation. In Megino-Kangalassky district of such a regime now operates in the village of Maya and Chernskom the nasleg. In the Namsky district mode was introduced in 14 agricultural.

Previously, the government applied similar security measures in Yakutsk, Gate, Arkhangelsk, Tiksi, Neryungri, Mirny, Lensk, Aldan districts.

According oberstab on may 30, in Yakutia for the last days identified 114 cases of the coronavirus, of which the vast majority, 87 new cases in the city of Yakutsk. For the entire period in Yakutia is officially registered 1819 cases of coronavirus, 790 people have fully recovered, 8 deaths.

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