How to take aim at China and not to get in Minneapolis

While all eyes are on racial unrest in American Minneapolis, reminded the world about the state of Affairs is not in the Hollywood "society welfare and equality", but in the real United States, balancing on an increasingly fine line of civil unrest, the US President told all about where the threat to peace.

The world suffers from illegal actions of the Chinese government, said Donald trump. And although technically the US President talked about the coronavirus, meant he was not only a pandemic, because in his statement on Friday accused Beijing of all sins. China robbed States like no other, his policy is a threat to U.S. national security, Beijing is pursuing an expansionist policy in the Pacific generally and constantly violates the Americans and other countries promises. Horror, and only here and Hong Kong seized:

And so the United States decided to refuse "loss of autonomy" of Hong Kong's special status (trading and other matters), and to impose sanctions against Chinese officials involved in this atrocity, and against Hong Kong, who helped them. But sanctions over Hong Kong were not only announced by the trump — China is to blame all at once.

Will begin large-scale operation to fight scientific espionage at American universities — in practice this means a ban on the entry of several thousand Chinese graduate students and teachers, those whom the Americans consider working for the defense industry of the PRC. Will be checked by the statements of Chinese companies listed on us exchanges — it is clear that in order to deprive them of access to the financial market.

Trump didn't mention another anti-Chinese act — waiting for his signature law passed this week by Congress, which provided for the imposition of sanctions against Chinese officials involved in "violating the rights of Uighurs in Xinjiang" (another American favorite pressure point for China along with Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan). Sign it trump or not, it does not matter — the President of the United States and without it was made on Friday everything possible to aggravate relations with China.

It is not only sanctions, but the tone of the statements trump. If before plain rude China allowed its officials — the same Mike Pompeo, who as usual says about "the main threat to peace — the Communist party of China" now has himself a trump, that is, increased the "heat of fight". And the coronavirus from Hong Kong is not important here. China is to blame for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, said the President of the United States is China lying all the time.

And it is a direct insult, after which it is very difficult to shake hands with XI Jinping. Not Trump — he gladly would have done it in the fall. The Chinese leader will be very difficult to negotiate directly with trump, perhaps in the format of the meeting of the "Big five", which Putin proposed to hold this year.

As for the nature of us sanctions, then they renew and bring a new level of Sino-us trade war in which the parties seem to have agreed to put a pause. In January, it reached a preliminary trade agreement – trump the need for a peaceful re-election in November. He would put it as his if not complete victory, and the following year resumed active butting and disputes with Beijing. But the coronavirus messed things up, and now China appointed unqualified main enemy of America. For the next six months or so I would like Trump who intends now to be re-elected under the slogan "oppose Chinese aggression." That's just a swing, made by trump on Friday, is that there is no guarantee that the clarification of the relations of the two powers will be able to keep under control the following year to return to the negotiating table.

No, it's not that Chinese people in response to take Taiwan or the Americans provoke an armed conflict in the South China sea, neither sea nor trump are not going to flip the gaming table. But the United States decided to hit Hong Kong, that is a key element of the Chinese-Anglo-Saxon relations. At the end of the last century, Hong Kong was China's gateway to the outside world and the United States considers that it and remained so. So, if you destroy Hong Kong will suffer the whole of China, according to U.S. strategists.

American sanctions must deprive Hong Kong of the status of one of the world's financial capitals. As said the adviser of the US President for national security Robert O'brien, "it seems that with this law on national security, they are going to basically capture Hong Kong, and if that happens, sanctions will be imposed against Hong Kong and China.