In Minneapolis, protesters looting stores

Protests in Minneapolis continues in the night of Saturday, despite the previously imposed curfew, as well as present in the city, national guard forces, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

In one of the districts of the city gathered a crowd of several hundred people, some of them surrounded the African-American in a black suit and with a megaphone in hand, in which he shouts slogans in support of justice in the case of victim as a result of police detention of George Floyd.

People holding cardboard signs and placards reading "Black life matters", "Killer cops" and requirements severely punish the perpetrators. Sometimes the crowd is chanting the name of George Floyd.

Some of the protesters distracted from the action and went to Rob the store located next to a petrol station and a shop of cheap goods. People broke the plywood panels, which were closed Windows and doors, burst inside and ran out of there with a variety of goods, someone shipped the goods in the car and left. Issued store water immediately distribute some protesters.

At some point someone set fire to trash cans standing side by side.

In the heart of the campaign clearly felt the smell of fire. Police and national guard not seen. In the sky flying a helicopter.

On one side of the building, where you'll shop, continuously sounds alarm and flashes a red light.

After some time, other protesters using bottles of water, extinguished the fire in the dumpsters.