Chief oncologist of the Ministry of health explained how to recognize skin cancer

In order to timely detect skin cancer, particular vigilance should be exercised with the appearance of new moles, especially in elderly and senile age. This was written by instagram chief oncologist of the Ministry of health, academician of RAS Andrey Kaprin.

The expert listed a number of signs that indicate malignant degeneration: the rapid growth of the mole, change color, surface, forms of education, the emergence of itching, pain and other unpleasant sensations associated with the mole. In addition, the formation starts to wet, or periodically bleeding.

If you have similar symptoms Kaprin advises to immediately consult a doctor.

The oncologist said that the treatment of melanoma carried out at all stages of the disease. Patients with early forms of the disease subject to surgical treatment, with advanced forms — can choose different options of drug therapy depending on the clinical situation.