Residents of Minneapolis spoke about life in the city during the riots

Minneapolis city center is almost deserted: go rare cars, pedestrians less than the limitations due to the coronavirus. The first begins curfew, which was imposed on Friday after three days of mass night of unrest.

The cause of the disturbances was the death of African American George Floyd with the arrest by the police. One of the guards a few minutes standing knee Floyd in the neck. Charges of manslaughter were brought to him only a few days later. During this time the city burned dozens buildings, looted a large number of outlets. The state government has introduced the National guard.

RIA Novosti found out, do you believe the residents of Minneapolis that these measures will help to end the unrest.

"No," then answer the question, is it safe in the city, the taxi driver Ali.

He is not sure that entered the city from 20.00 curfew will help, although hoping for it. To work in such a situation, as he admits, is simply dangerous.

"But we have company. If I'm not working, then how are people going to go? We need to help society," says Ali.

The danger yet passed, but his friend is dead. "The day before yesterday my friend stole a car and a telephone. And the car he's like me. But the key he had in his pocket, so after half a mile it stalled. He found her. But they stole the phone," says the taxi driver.

Curfew for Ali even worse disorder. Work him this day have to end with its beginning. And he usually goes to 1-2 o'clock in the morning, and starts around noon.

"I'm from Africa, from Somalia. I need to send the family money," he explains.

Not enough customers and because of the coronavirus, and because of the riots. One customer in the hour, complains Ali. In addition, such a situation has closed many gas stations.

"Now is fine. But when the sun sets, then it becomes very dangerous," he says. When this is over, Allah alone knows, says the man.

In the effectiveness of the curfew and entering the national guard does not believe the white guy Phil.

According to him, the presence of the National guard does not give him the feeling of greater security. And even Vice versa. Because it's a demonstration of power, which, in his opinion, does not make sense.

He is now just waiting how this will end. Although today for the first time also took part in peaceful protests. Nascent signs of possible unrest drove him away. "That's why I left. I'm not trying to change the law by breaking it," says the young man.

He went out to protest against violence and to try to ensure that police no longer feel above the law. According to him, the charge of manslaughter of one of the four police officers is not enough to calm people down.

"And I think that an arraignment four days later (after arrest - ed.) it's not fast enough. It should have been done much faster. On the first day," he said.

Could it help to avoid violence, he's still not sure.

In the curfew does not believe African American email 60 years, however, he goes home, not to be left on the street after it began.

According to him, society has reached a boiling point, as is constantly repeated one and the same. "We just can't take it anymore", - he said energetically.

Al believes that the roots of the problem go away in the days of slavery.

The attitude to the African Americans he compares to the war, where people kill each other. "We were in constant war since the days of slavery in this country. And we're still slaves," says al.

In the national guard he does not believe, as in law enforcement, in principle. "They were never here for that to help. At least for our community. They were here only to take control. And with this in mind, it will not be better," says the man.

On the one hand, he doesn't believe in protests. "I believe in "an eye for an eye". You take one of ours, we take yours. But I'm wrong because it's against the laws of God," he said.

On the other hand, according to him, the protests should continue. "If this is not done, they will be forgotten. And will do over and over again", says al.

A curfew is in effect until 8.00 am.