Costa Rica has extended closures until June 30

The head of the Ministry of health of Costa Rica reported that the ban on crossing the country's borders for foreigners has been extended until the end of June in order to fight the epidemic COVID-19.

"The validity of the restrictive measures at the borders officially extended until June 30," said health Minister Daniel Salas, quoted by the newspaper Costa Rica Hoy.

The extension of the restrictions comes amid discussions about violation of the international transport in the region due to closed borders in Costa Rica. Before the government promised to soften the sanitary regime for drivers of goods transport. Now in Costa Rica can enter only citizens with a mandatory two-week quarantine.

The Minister in his speech called the main risk factor for the situation in neighboring Nicaragua, where COVID is actively spreading in the country. In Costa Rica, according to the latest data revealed 1022 of infection with the novel coronavirus ( 22 per day), died on 10 people.

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