In Venezuela, arrived 12 tons of humanitarian aid from UNICEF Germany

Twelve tons of humanitarian aid UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) arrived on Friday in Venezuela from Germany, announced Venezuelan Deputy foreign Minister for multilateral Affairs Alexander yañez.

"This shipment that we received today, allows us to bring several things, first, that through dialogue, diplomacy and cooperation can achieve successful agreements for the Venezuelan people, the international community knows that there are political differences between the government of Germany and the government of Venezuela," said yáñez during transmission to result VTV. According to him, Venezuela and Germany show that with the help of "coordination, respect for law and recognition of national institutions to achieve all-round cooperation".

He added that the aid will be distributed in the integrated social support that the government organized at the borders to support the Venezuelan migrants who returned from other countries in pandemic coronavirus.

According to the report by UNICEF, was sent 12 tons of humanitarian aid "aimed at providing food aid and improving access to safe (drinking – ed) water for thousands of families." It includes 127 thousand water purification tablets, 18 water tanks and 40 thousand packages of food aid.

This is the second humanitarian supply UN in support of measures to combat the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus and its socio-economic consequences in Venezuela. Thus, along with this burden, the UN sent more than 100 tons of humanitarian aid to Venezuela since the beginning of the pandemic.

The UN and its partners are urged to allocate $ 72 million to fight the pandemic coronavirus and to ensure the continuation of other important events in the framework of the plan for the prevention and treatment COVID-19 in Venezuela.

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