Create new materials that hide weapons from radar

New special materials that are used in the creation of military equipment to protect it from being detected by enemy radars are created in Russia, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the holding "Ruselectronics" (included in rostec).

Also, the holding developed protective camouflage screen that allows you to protect military equipment from precision weapons.

"Protective camouflage screen is successfully passed state tests and was adopted to supply the defense Ministry. The company is ready for serial production", - said the press service.

They explained that protective camouflage screen is based on nanostructured ferromagnetic microwire is used to hide from the reconnaissance of the enemy and protection of military equipment from modern means of destruction, operating from the upper hemisphere, including high-precision weapons. The screen is developed in TSKB RM (included in the "Roselektronika"), provides protection for concealable armor combined a flexible coating from the cumulative effect of ammunition with homing.

"Design of protective camouflage screen allows you to reduce the likelihood of damage to the equipment, as well as important strategic objects of military and civil purpose (control points, naval base, air force, ammunition dumps, nuclear power plants etc.)", - noted in the holding.

The uniqueness of this material is that it allows you to create shelters of various shapes and sizes.