Bashmet called to consider the opinion of musicians in the resumption of concerts

Conductor Yuri Bashmet encourages to consider the opinion of the professional community while working on the restoration of live performances.

Earlier, the Russian musicians, among them Bashmet, pianist Denis Matsuev, saxophonist Igor Butman, composer Igor Krutoy, has written an open letter with a request to coordinate with the professional community step-by-step action to exit the situation because of the coronavirus, to return to concert activity.

"It is important to understand and further serialization, if everything develops normally, the next step will come at some point, two weeks or month, but some are and so several steps you need to consider all joint actions", - said Bashmet.

He noted that every industry has its own peculiarities, and, according to him, the concerts in concert halls differ from open-air concerts, chamber concerts in small halls differ from concerts of Symphony orchestras.

"Also the specifics of each region, separate rooms and a variety of other things, many of which are a little more visible to those who he takes the stage at different concert halls... for Example, a chess-style Seating, which many say now, is not the only and maybe not the most correct and secure operation of concert halls," - said Bashmet.

He added that the concert hall consists not only of space for spectators, so, in his opinion, it is important to look at and discuss other options to ensure the safety of artists and audience.

"Control the temperature of the processing areas, air conditioning and air disinfection in some of the halls can be a more effective measure," - said the conductor.